Electrical rewires can be a time consuming and expensive product. With Trade Facilities Services; we try to not make this the case. All our engineers are qualified; and registered. We have provided some research below for you;

What Is A House Rewire?

A electrical rewire; replaces some or all of the electrical wiring. this includes its accessories which can be lights; switches; sockets; and the Fuse board in a property

How Often should a electrical Rewire Be Done?

There is no specific answer; that’s why we suggest having a electrical inspection done on the property before considering a full rewire. Below is a guideline:

  • The average electrical rewire is said to be about every 25 years; although some houses have not been done for a lot longer.
  • A specific problem to the electrics will not generally require a full rewire.
  • Only when you have out of date types of wiring; for instance rubber insulated wiring. Rubber insulated wiring shows the wiring is old and not been used in the UK since the early 60’s.
  • When a series of  common problems keep occurring; which shows a fault to the system. These include constantly tripping RCD’s and fuses blowing.
  • An electrical installation test is unsatisfactory; and says that a rewire is needed. Electricians can carry out an inspection of a house to assess the state of the wiring; if the inspection fails a rewire may be needed.

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